Metaboderm Anti-Aging Skin Creme - 8oz

Metaboderm Anti-Aging Skin Creme - 8oz

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Metaboderm Titanium

 Age-Defying Face & Body Renewal Lotion

The Problem:  Aging Skin Steals Our Youthful Beauty from Head to Toe

As we age our bodies slowly lose the ability to repair and renew itself so hence the aging process!   Aging occurs both inside and out, with all of our organs losing regenerative capacity with each passing year.  Unfortunately, the organ that ages the fastest is also the largest and most visible - our skin!  Yes, the skin that covers us from head to toe is the largest organ of the human body making up nearly 8lbs of total body weight in an average adult! 

(Note: That's a lot of skin to cover and it's nearly impossible, impractical and downright costly to cover your body with a 1oz face serum!  We need a product to liberally cover the face AND body!

Numerous factors attribute to skin aging including genetics, excessive stress, poor diet, environmental conditions and toxins plus exposure to damaging UV rays.  Furthermore, aging results in the loss of skin elasticity or "skin firmness" as the cell renewal process slows down resulting in loose, saggy and wrinkly skin.  To make matters worse, fat deposits start to settle into our "problem areas" like the hips, thighs, stomach and butt resulting in unsightly cellulite.

(Note: the "dimpling" of cellulite results from tiny fat pockets trapped under the skin and these fat pockets also attribute to giving the body a "puffy” look.  Remember the saying "a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips"?  Well when the hips run out of room to store fat it's then spreading to the rest of your body!)

The Solution:  Metaboderm Titanium a Scientific Breakthrough to Repair, Revive and Renew the Skin of the Face & Body!


Science-Driven Ingredients - Never Before Have These Ingredients Been Delivered in an All-In-One Formula!

Metaboderm Titanium delivers a novel combination of natural botanicals and clinically-proven, research-driven ingredients to address multiple facets of skin aging.

  1. Subcutaneous Fat Reduction & Dimpled-Skin Smoothing with REGU-SLIM*

REGU-SLIM* is a Swiss patented cosmetic (cosmeceutic) breakthrough complex which improves body aesthetics by reducing the thickness of the subcutaneous (lipid) fat layer. It smooths and tightens the skin's appearance and has been clinically shown to demonstrate slimming activity via ultra-sound examination.

REGU-SLIM helps target the appearance and breakdown of the fatty skin in areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, arms, buttocks and thighs. REGU-SLIM multi-active tightening and toning complex targets trouble areas by attacking the three critical areas of fat loss (fatty acid liberation, transport and breakdown). 

  1. Reduction of Stretch Marks and Faster Cell Repair & Renewal with DARUTOSIDE*

DARUTOSIDE is a French botanical solution to support the treatment of stretch marks by restructuring the collagen matrix of the dermis. This proven combination of two natural plant-derived phytonutrients was shown in a 28-day clinical study to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks by 13%! 

DARUTOSIDE works its magic by having an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on the dermal extracellular matrix (the very outer layer of skin) where stretch marks remain forever, because without DARUTOSIDE it's difficult to get adequate blood flow and nutrients to these outer layers to repair on your own.

  1. Skin Firming & Skin Regeneration with HYDROXYPROLISILANE-C*

HYDROXYPROLISILANE-C is the key to offset skin aging by supporting quicker cell renewal and one of the best natural clinically-proven ingredients ever shown to do so!   Cell renewal, (Cytostimulation) in particular, for fibroblast cells is a key factor to sustain young connective tissue.  HYDROXYPROLISILANE-C responds to this need by stimulating fibroblasts cell division, thus contribute to the maintenance of a healthy cellular metabolism in aging skin tissue.

Simply put, due to the more rapid, efficient cell renewal and skin regeneration properties of HYDROXYPROLISILANE-C, the skin will have the available nutrients to repair and produce collagen fibers more quickly, resulting in better skin appearance and improved skin elasticity!

  1. Anti-inflammatory & Active Lifestyle Recovery

Metaboderm Titanium features the world's finest EHS-25, Nanotized THC-Free full-spectrum water soluble CBD extract from Elevate Hemp Sciences, the leader in Hemp health and beauty.  Most consumers are now aware of the numerous benefits CBD has when ingested, but the additional benefits when applied topically are equally as impressive! 

Elevate Hemp Sciences delivers the natural health benefits of CBD oil which also contains an array of other essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, to encourage skin health by supporting skin cell growth while inhibiting oil production to help keep skin properly hydrated, soft and supple.  CBD also has been shown to help support circulation while lessening inflammation in the body so, this results in a much welcome pain relief and faster recovery from daily activities.

Metaboderm Titanium is the one must-use-daily product for women and men. So remarkably effective, the results will be both felt and seen to be believed!  Once you try it, you'll be equally amazed at the science and results!